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Future Folk has teamed up with The Flying Pork Apparel Co. to create a line of customized Hondonian wear on shirts that are soft and comfortable enough to wear every day, but durable enough to withstand the extreme temperatures of space travel.

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Future Folk Koozie
Hondo Space Academy


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Future Folk Live ON Earth Tshirt

You Had Me At Hondo

Space Worm Tshirt 14-Legged Mule Tshirt Trius, Kevin, Spaceworms and Hondo Tshirt

FF_HScin_wide_1024x1024 copy

New York Hondonian Society

Future Folk OnsieFF_hondogun_wide_1024x1024 copyFF_teamK_wide_1024x1024 copy

Team Trius Shirt

FF_lonestar_wide_1024x1024 (1)

Manhattan Mini Storage T  Future Folk / Hondo Tshirt