Upcoming Future Folk shows:

Saturday, 5/14/16The Williams Center, Rutherford NJ
Movie Screening + Live Performance

We encourage everyone to come wearing a Hondonian Helmet.  It’s easy!
Click here for instructions.

Previous Future Folk shows:

Friday, 12/4/15 – The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY
with Sky Pony

11/20/15 – The Bowery Electric NYC
with Benyaro and Mother Earth

8/7 Austin • Alamo Drafthouse

8/5 Dallas • The Kessler

7/23 New York • Knitting Factory

7/22 Boston • T.T. the Bear’s

7/17 San Francisco • Roxie Theater

7/16 Seattle • Central Cinema

7/8 St. Louis • The Gramophone

7/7 Indianapolis • The Hi-Fi

7/6 Chicago • Double Door

7/1 Los Angeles • Writer’s Guild

Art by Julia Kaiser

2014_FutureOfFolk_HiRes_©LauraJuneKirsch-0190Future Folk Live in LAFuture Folk Live in Dallas


  1. Hondo,
    I had watched the Future Folk movie about exactly a year ago and it became an instant favorite and not just because Dee Snyder is in it. I am one that is really into death and thrash metal and not really much else but this band has brightened my music spectrum. I dont have a clue how these guys arent more famous than they already are. So i havent lisetened to The Future Folk in a long time but i just listened to them the other day and a wave of memories of their album (that i bought immediatley after watching the movie) that i would listen to on repeat over and over again while shoveling snow. If you havent bought their album, go buy it on itunes and it will definetly be a favorite. I hope you guys stay together until we can build another ship to go to Hondo and jam
    Yours truly,
    Richie Shaffer, 16 year old of Clearfield PA

    P.S. Please come to Pittsburgh

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      1. “about exactly a year ago” Love it!!

        Ps…come to, um…High Point, NC. You would not believe the following you have here!


  2. I am a huge fan of the movie, but found the 2014 tour dates too late.Will there be any future 2015 tour dates for future folk?

    P.S. I like space worms!

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    1. We hope to do some touring this Summer. We will probably play some dates in NYC in the meantime, but will post any road dates on our website and Facebook. Thank you for touching base with us! HONDO!

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      1. Hondo!
        Watched the movie last night and have listened to the album three times over since. I was crushed to find y’all already came to Austin– 2 years ago! Is it to soon to hope for a return in the near future?


    1. Hi Rob. We have always wanted to perform in Colorado – and hope to have the opportunity before too long. We’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops if we find ourselves in your neck of Earth. HONDO!

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  3. So, I just watched your movie…twice. A friend of mine LisaBeth Weber interviewed you and now I hate her. As a filmmaker, I wanted to congratulate you all on making, in my mind, one of the best small-budget feature films I have ever seen. It had everything and I enjoyed every minute of it. So, hurry up and come to Pittsburgh soon, or go to London. Either way. Thanks for making the world just a little happier. Hondo!

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    1. Thanks Michael. Those are some kind words. Means a lot to us. We would *love* to play Pittsburgh, when we’re putting together dates for our next tour we will try and make that a stop. As for London, yeah that would be pretty sweet too.

      Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and the positivity. You’re why we like humans.


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  4. Hey guys,
    Just caught your movie on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. As a music and sci-fi fan the film really connected with me. It had a great heart, great story line and awesome music. Please come play Las Vegas when you are touring. If you don’t have a connection to book here I can help you meet people that put on shows. HONDO!

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  5. I saw your movie awhile ago… ABSOLUTELY amazing! I recently saw it again and it is even better then I remember. Your music is so talented! I would love if you guys could come to San Diego CA!!!! Please Please!! HONDO!

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  6. Roommate showed me your movie. And everyone I know will watch it too. Come to Denver! We got beer and bucket heads that will LOVE to have you guys!

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  7. Saw your documentary this last weekend. Loved it! Even spotted a friend of ours in it. We’d love to have you in Nashville. You might want to consider a humidity-friendly suit and helmet though. HONDO!


  8. Please, Please, Please come to the south. Specifically, North Carolina. More specifically, Raleigh. Too specifically, my house. Love the music. -End transmission-

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  9. Hey I just saw your movie one of the best movies I have ever seen I want to see you guys live when r you coming to Houston your music is awesome and your movie was too

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  10. Stumbled on your film on Netflix. It was charming! Kevin’s got some serious Tango in him. :-))

    I’m glad the General saved Earth. I’m kinda fond of it. Thanks.

    Where can we find your NYC show dates? I’m in Philly. I’d be happy to make the trip to see you Hondonians live and to thank you in person.



  11. Saw your documentary last week and can’t get your music out of my brain. Happily, my brain enjoys it.

    I was thinking of booking a trip to NYC to see your Brooklyn show on December 21st, per the link above, and was dismayed to see that it was for Dec 21, 2014. If you could move that to the Previous Shows list, as not to tease a latecomer such as myself?

    My wife and I would love to come see you. Please share any touring dates for 2015! Especially if you’d like to play here in Washington DC — you could talk to our leaders! Or … maybe not.

    Hrm. Better to stick with Pittsburgh or Philly, as a couple others have requested. Or maybe Baltimore.


  12. Even thought everybody is saying “come play near me!” I think The Outer Space in Hamden, CT is a natural venue for Future Folk! There are even a few places other than that joint to unwind with Earth beers and food, and being a native to coordinates near The Outer Space I’d be happy guide you to the best ones!


  13. Just watched the movie and instantly fell in love with your music! Would you guys ever consider a show in Canada? I’m from Montreal,QC and would be over the moon to hear you guys play live!


  14. Currently experiencing my first Future Folk immersion with your songs guys! I am already in love. I go to school in NJ but I hail from Lancaster, PA and I know that y’all would be a darn hit in my hometown!!!! Just promise me that if you do schedule anything there or nearby, please do it in the summer so I can be there to ROCK OUT WITH MY BUCKET OUT!


  15. Hondo!
    I’m dying of breast cancer, have about a year left. Seeing Future Folk Live is on my (red) bucket list. How does a gal from Madison Wisconsin make that happen?

    Love from Earth,
    Christi Mykytyn


  16. We just the movie on Netflix and loved it! Please come to Portland Oregon! The city motto is “Keep Portland Weird” you know you’d get a crowd! Not that you’re weird…:-)


  17. Does Future Folk have an email list? I just learned from this web page that you were in Boston on 7/22, AND I MISSED IT!! I’m so upset. I’d *love* to get emails about your upcoming performances!


  18. Help! Fellow Hondonians have crash landed and are now stranded in the middle of the US. Any chance of sending out a rescue party and performing in Kansas City? Thanks…. HONDO!


  19. Love the movie and a big fan of the music. I tell everyone that they should see the movie.
    Is there any chance of you landing in Canada? Preferably Vancouver? Do you celebrate anything like Christmas on Hondo?


    1. We would love to someday travel to Vancouver. We don’t have anything like Christmas on Hondo. We do have a holiday called Oosmas, but it’s only 12 hours long and it’s on December 21st. So totally different.


  20. I just saw the movie on Netflix last week and LOVED it!. Shared it with a close friend and she loved it. Now i”m hooked and Space Worms is stuck in my head. I hope you’re still touring, I’m looking at round red plastic buckets and want to come to a concert. Maybe Boston? Or how about Manchester NH?


    1. We’d love to do some New England shows. We’ll let you know if we’re up in that area. We may have a Boston show soon but I know that’s a haul. Anyway, thanks for the kind words, we’ll definitely get there sooner or later.



  21. Any performances in San Antonio or Austin in 2016 Mar-Dec? This would be a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for my husband. Please repond.


  22. Are you guys planning on touring ever again? The most recent comment is about 2.5 (earth) years old. That’s not promising at all. Hoping there is still enough power in the ship for another tour. I’ll be watching.


      1. That’s awesome!
        I tell my musician friends about your movie.
        I took up ukulele partly because of you guys.

        Glad you’re still around. Well in the same galaxy anyway!


  23. Anxiously awaiting a tour stop in Portland, OR – we convinced our wedding band to play a rendition of “Over the Moon” for our first dance last year. Hondo!


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