Future Folk come from the planet Hondo, a planet where music doesn’t exist.  When they landed on Earth, they liked music so much they decided to stay and form FUTURE FOLK.

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    1. Thanks Natalie. We would love to visit Arkansas in the future – and when we do we will drop you a line. What’s the name of your pub?

      Thanks for the interest in Future Folk. HONDO!


  1. Just had the good fortune of selecting your film in Netflix. Thank you for your priceless contribution to the realm of art, cinema, and music.


  2. Hey – my kids and I really like your work. Any plans to play in the DC area anytime soon? Your website is quiet – I hope all is well.


    1. Hi! Thanks for the kind words, and tell your kids HONDO! from us. We’ve been busy this summer and haven’t been doing as much upkeep on the site as we should. Email us at nils@futurefolk.com and I’ll send you a link to our albums – hopefully that will keep you guys entertained until we make it to DC!


  3. Sooo..My girlfriend is in love with you guys, I’d love to hire you, bar near by that I could convince to have your perform on my tab – what would it take?


  4. My fiance and I are getting married this October. We’d like to record a version of Over the Moon with the original instrumental for the ceremony. Any chance you could beam it our way?


    1. Hey sorry for not getting back sooner. We’d be more than happy to oblige! Only problem is I’m not sure offhand if I have an instrumental mix – let me check and get back to you post-haste.



  5. I am so epically impressed. I loved your film so much, I almost lost the feeling in my head. (That only happens when I really like stuff). The Viking people of Norway salute you.


  6. General, in the part of the movie when you introduced the Mighty Kevin to Earth music and set him on the path to help save Hondo and the Earth, you played on your banjo many famous Terran Tunes. Given the release of a movie this summer concerning video games being used against Earth in intergalactic warfare, I am concerned at what I detect to be part of a video game ditty deftly hidden within your music. It distresses me greatly that other planets not as amicably disposed to Earth as Hondo is might turn your tunes against both Hondo *and* Earth! Please reassure me that Hondo’s Mightiest General has not made such a tactical error!


  7. Wow!! Your movie is amazing!! I know already said that, but I have to say too. I’m impressed!! Please, release it in Blu-ray ASAP!! I’m from Brazil, I’ve watched and I’m amused!! Please come visit us!!! HONDO!!!


  8. General,
    I would like to formally invite you as an ambassador from Hondo to honor Philadelphia with your presence and spread your words at the bond villain. It’s a small venue in Philly.


  9. Found your film on Netflix and was “Over the Moon” about it! Lovely piece of art and great music. Hope to see you guys perform if you are ever in the Northern California area. HONDO!


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